January 30, 2023

What is CoinLoan?

CoinLoan is changing the way people around the world think about finance. For example, their lending service in crypto assets backed by fiat collateral allows more than 200 thousand active customers to get loans without any need for traditional documentation like bank statements or credit cards!

The company was founded just two years ago but it has already become one of its kind due largely because they are always looking ahead while others aren’t. But what are its benefits? Can I lend crypto on CoinLoan? Is it safe?

This article will answer all your questions!

Founders and team

Max Sapelov and Alex Faliushin are two tech entrepreneurs with cybersecurity backgrounds who founded CoinLoan.

CoinLoan has a team of 50+ highly experienced employees from across various backgrounds and specialties, including developers who can write code or test software. It also employs QA engineers to make sure the products work as intended; designers for appealing visuals that will catch users’ eyes on every screen they see (and keep them there); copywriters ready at all times with an engaging message about what makes CoinLoan different–and why you should care! Talented marketing specialists know how best leverage their skill sets when it comes time market this moving company around town: whether big name-recognition is needed outside its’ region itself


CoinLoan is a top-rated financial institution that complies with all current European and international regulations. They ensure your funds are safe, secure, and protected by their compliance to these high standards!

What does CoinLoan offer?

Earn interest with Interest Account

How it works

You park your assets on our platform and get interest credited to you every month. It’s like getting a deposit in the bank, except CoinLoan offers higher rates of return for parking yours with it!

Interest Account benefits

CoinLoan never freezes your funds, a flexible and convenient deposit term. The minimum is one day but you can keep pumping money into the account without limits as long as desired! With them there’s always a variety of assets from which to choose—25+ in total including crypto and stablecoins that offer high interest rates up 10-12%.

Borrow funds with Instant Loans

How it works

You can get a loan in less than a minute with just one tap of your credit card. The process is hassle free and you decide on the desired currency for repayment – crypto or fiat money!

The Instant Loans benefits

We know that instant loans can be expensive, but CoinLoan doesn’t think it should take long to get a loan. They offer 4 interest rates starting at just over 5%. The automatic approval process means no more waiting for manual approvals and you pay one low origination fee when getting your next 30 day or longer term payday cash needs solved quickly!

Swap assets with Crypto Exchange

How it works

There are a lot of options when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, but there is no shortage of tools that can help you with your journey. You could buy crypto or stablecoins for fiat and sell them at beneficial rates too!

Our Instant Crypto Exchange benefits

CoinLoan is committed to providing you with the most beneficial rates for your money. Its’ exchange services will not cost any extra fees, and CoinLoan has more than 25 assets available in its’ database as well as 200 currency pairs that can be exchanged between them! In addition, all transactions occur instantaneously 24/7 so there’s never a delay or problem when exchanging one type of cryptocurrency into another at interesting prices – just let CoinLoan know what kind of changes would suit best from this list: Bitcoin vs Ethereum etc.


With all your assets secured in bank-grade crypto vaults, you can rest assured that they’re safe from harm. Our team also has offline storage for keys and comprehensive transaction checks to make sure nothing goes wrong!

CoinLanners are guaranteed to have their funds protected with two top companies who provide insurance from Lloyd’s and $250 million worth of assets under management.


To ensure that you are in control of your assets at all times, CoinLoan implements strict access recovery policies. They also improve the protected infrastructure and scan for security vulnerabilities so no one can take advantage or penetrate the system easily – even if it’s 3 hours ago! In addition to these measures taken internally by CoinLoan, there is 24/7 customer support available as well which has been trained specifically on cryptocurrency related issues.

CoinLoan Token utilities

Origination fee discount

As soon as you set up your Instant Loan parameters, a window will appear asking for the origination fee. You have two options: 1% of loan currency or half that amount if using CLT instead to pay it.

CoinLoan offers loans in fiat, crypto and stablecoins with no paperwork or credit history check. The CLT is an inflation-free cryptocurrency that can be used as collateral for a variety of financial products including instant cashouts. Interest rates will go up by 0.1% for every 125 CLT you hold, and the maximum reward is 2%. Staking two-thousand five hundred can get an extra point on top!

Coinloan has created a unique platform that bridges traditional finance worlds together with cryptocurrency markets in an effortless manner so users can take advantage of both their strengths while mitigating risk when they choose – all without breaking any bank.

What countries is your platform available in?

CoinLoan is committed to the security and compliance of all users. For this reason, there has been created based on local laws that identify certain territories as high risk for complying with regulations – meaning you may not be able use some features if your location falls within these categories.

CoinLoan services are available worldwide.

What is CoinLoan Wallet and how to use it

Wallet is one of the products you can enjoy as a platform user.

What you can do with your CoinLoan Wallet

The CoinLoan wallet is a great way to store your crypto assets. It’s easy and free of charge!

You can easily transfer coins between wallets or deposit new ones without any hassle at all, making this service more valuable than ever before – even if you’re just trying out some different cryptocurrencies on our platform before deciding which one suits best for long term holding periods (we suggest doing research into each coin/token). With withdrawals available 24/7 worldwide via various payment methods such as USD, EUR, SWIFT wire transfer.


You can use the table or list views to view all of your assets on this platform. To deposit an asset, press its button under “Occasions” in the Assets section; for withdrawal purposes simply choose which type you want from those available and click with the right mouse button. You can also see your total balance in assets. It reflects how much is currently owed to borrowers and lenders for loans that are active as well any interest accounts or collateral put up by those who have already been paid back on their debts.

The information available through this one button press might not seem all that important at first glance but knowing what’s going into these various pots of funds helps shape the company’s future plans. Your total balance and asset class-specific balances are shown in your default currency, which can be changed if you wish for another tokens display or even fiat currencies like USD.

Why choose CoinLoan

CoinLoan is a unique cryptocurrency lending platform that lets you loan out your coins in exchange for interest rates as high as 8%. Not only do they provide worldwide coverage, but their services are completely legal thanks to strict compliance with European Financial Licenses. What’s more? You can now get multiple loans simultaneously – which diversifies risks because if one currency decreases drastically all at once then there will still be some left over from the previous transaction! On top of this cool feature list comes an array or unusual ones too: For instance Monero was not included by any competitor.

CoinLoan is a unique cryptocurrency lending service that offers loans against bitcoin. This means you can borrow cryptocurrencies, and they will be secured with the collateral of your choosing—in this case it’s bitcoins! To ensure safety for both lender and borrower alike they have an integral security system in place which includes 24/7 monitoring & support services as well as legal backup from some very renowned law firms around Europe who specialize exclusively on matters concerning virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum – just ask about their unparalleled.